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Tlingit Granny 2021

Photography by Brooke Amy Creative © Unorthodox 2023

Heather Dickson is inspired by women from all over the North, with a special focus on grandmothers. Her work expresses a harmony between traditional and modern northern First Nation fashion. Each of Heather’s creations is a unique accessory that promotes pride in her first nation heritage and keeps her rooted to her cultural identity in a modern world. The result is an aboriginal product that is respectful and inspired.

“Making this collection, I truly felt connected to my grandmother and learned so much about my family history. I challenge all beaders to dig deep into their families' art and find what made their loved ones work unique and fuse that into your work."

– Heather Dickson

“I am beyond excited to see my pieces go to their new forever homes and be worn by their new curators.”

– Heather Dickson