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Kaylyn Baker Designs

Kaylyn Baker

“I heard a phrase one time – symphony of thoughts – that I really like. It is what my pieces are. So many textures, never flat. I give myself permission to try things. I do whatever I feel like in the moment!”

Kaylyn, who is Northern Tutchone and Tlingit, beads and tufts earrings, pendants, chokers, bolo ties, cuffs and more. Her creations use traditional techniques, but her colour and pattern choices are dizzyingly anti-conventional. 

Her floral patterns are remarkable with high-contrast black and white quillwork and she often gives each petal an entirely different treatment – beaded stripes, then orange tufting, then neon pink. Sometimes her tufts are multi-colour, resembling tie-dye or even graffiti-style spray-paint. For this technique, Kaylyn learned hair-dying tips from her hairdresser and applied them to caribou hair. 

She also incorporates gems, metallics, crystals, gold – each piece becomes an audacious garden, a feast for the eyes.⁠ Her work though, is more than aesthetic experience. Each piece is inspired by a memory or a story or a friend.